Hello Yummy Spot!

There’s a new yummy spot in town and they’re called The Yummy Spot! The Yummy Spot Restaurant and Cafe is located in Torrance, California and offers gourmet tacos, pastas, salads and snacks.

Walking in the restaurant is not hard to like because it is so cute and cozy. There are pretty lights hanging above, comfy cute pillows on their benches and neat pop art and signs all aroundl!



Up front the restaurant gives complimentary chips and salsa. The chips are hot and fresh and best eaten right away. The salsa is fairly mild but can be made spicier upon request. By default, they give the red salsa but they will give green salsa if requested.


There’s three types of pastas served here. There is a Yummy Pasta with sirloin steak, a Carnitas Bolognese Pasta with braised pork and a Shrimp and Three cheese pasta. The Yummy Pasta and Carnitas Bolognese are mixed in tomato sauce while the Shrimp and Three cheese pasta is with white sauce. All pasta entrees are served with garlic bread and salad.

The salad is simple and is topped with tomatoes and croutons. The dressing is very yummy and definitely gives a lot of definition and flavor to salad. It has a good sweet flavor.


Out of the pasta entrees, I got to try the Shrimp and Three Cheese Pasta. I am a fan of white sauce and their version of version of white sauce is so creamy. I loved the mix of Fontana cheddar, parmesan and Chili flakes mixed in to.  The side garlic bread was perfect when dipped in the sauce! The bread is buttery, full of garlic and perfectly crispy on the outside.


Aside from the pasta, I tried their gourmet tacos here as well! I tried the Carnitas Taco, the Vege Potato Taco and the Sesame Beef Taco.

The Carnitas Taco consisted of pork cilantro mayo, crema, lettuce, pickled onion, cilantro and cheddar. There’s a lot of cream in this little taco! The crema helped enhance the already flavorful braised pork! This was one good taco.

The Vege Potato Taco is a winning taco for vegetarians! It has spiced potato, red salsa, guacamole, creme, lettuce and tomato. i was a fan of the thick potato wedges!

The Sesame Beef Taco was my personal favorite! This had beef, sesame seeds, smoky napa cabbage, scallion and fried garlic! At first bite, the flavor of the sesame could be tasted instantly! There was a nice sweet aftertaste enhanced even more by the scallion and fried garlic. The beef is similar to Korean bbq.


My trip to Yummy Spot ended with one sweet treat via their beignets! Their beignets are so soft and fluffy! They serve these deep fried goodies fresh and hot with lots of powdered sugar. i got it with tropical sauce and strawberries! The tropical sauce is a good, sweet dip and the strawberries are fresh but even without these extras, the beignets alone are heavenly!


Hello Kitty Foodie found this place to be very yummy and was full of smiles after eating here!

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Hello Garlic Fried Chicken!


Last week I posted a picture of a fried chicken dish my mom made on instagram and Facebook and several people asked me for the recipe. This recipe is actually one from my godmother. My godmother shared it with my mom and my mom’s been making it ever since I was a kid. Below is the delicious recipe for this tasty and crispy fried chicken!

Ingredients: all purpose flour, cornstarch, sugar,  soy sauce,  salt, cloves of garlic, eggs

In a bowl, mix togethert1/4 cup all purpose flour, 1/2 cup cornstarch, 1 tablespoon sugar, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 tablespoon salt, 2 cloves of garlic and 2 eggs.

Dip the chicken legs in the mixture until all the sides are evenly coated.

Once the chicken is coated with the mixture, deep fry the coated chicken in low heat until the color turns golden brown and until the chicken is cooked through. Do not use high heat because this may just cook the outer part of the chicken right away.

Remove chicken and serve while crispy and hot!

I hope all my Hello Kitty Foodie friends enjoy the recipe above! This garlic fried chicken dish is one of my favorite homemade dishes and I hope you all love it as much as I do! Winner winner, chicken dinner! Smile! :)

Hello National Ice Cream Day and Frostbites Crepes and Frozen Delights in Torrance!

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Today is a sweet day! It’s the day for many smiles because who doesn’t love ice cream? There’s something truly special about the creamy delight that has played a part of many special memories in our lives.

I got to celebrate this sweet day at the newly opened Frostbites Crepes and Frozen Delights in Torrance. There other locations are in Cerritos, Chino, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Long Beach and Riverside. I don’t mind an occasional trek to the OC but I can definitely say I was super delighted when their newest branch opened up at Del Amo Fashion Center.

It was my first time trying Frostbites ever and I chose to get their sorbet cream. It’s a combo of their sorbet chill and frozen custard. The sorbet chill is their version of italian ice. They make this fresh in their store. Their frozen custard is french ice cream that is soft serve. They have this in vanilla or chocolate flavor. The sorbet chill plus the frozen custard equals their most popular product, the sorbet cream!

I chose to get a sorbet cream with a mixed layer of taro Italian ice and strawberry italian ice  with vanilla frozen custard. The girl helping me made this recommendation because she said it would just be like eating strawberry shortcake.


The sorbet cream was amazing! The taro and strawberry mixed together perfectly and the flavor really was distinct. The italian ice added a nice sweet fruity touch to the frozen custard. The vanilla soft serve is so creamy and simply melts in your mouth. It was indeed like strawberry shortcake! I love strawberry shortcake but didn’t know i could have it in ice cream form till now! ;)

I have to say I was already smiling today because it was National Ice Cream Day but my Frostbites Sorbet Cream just made me smile even wider. Picture the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland…Hello Kitty turned into that today! Hehe! Thanks for making me smile Frostbites Crepes and Frozen Delights and thank you for making this blogger’s National Ice Cream Day so delightful!

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Hello Mrs. A. Hanoi Pho!

Mrs. A. Hanoi Pho is a brand new restaurant in Torrance, CA specializing in Northern Vietnamese cuisine. In a city full of various restaurants, how does one differentiate itself from the others. Mrs. A. is one that clearly is out to show that they have what it takes to be impressive and different.


Walking in, I was instantly impressed. The restaurant is very clean and nice. There are pretty pastel jade trees all over and beautiful circular lanterns hanging from above.


One area of the restaurant has a flat screen tv showcasing all of the dishes offered by the restaurant.

Unlike other restaurants that has many offerings, Mrs. A only has five specialities. One being their pho, three dishes being rice dishes and one being a roll appetizer. The choice to only have five entrees can be seen as a testament to having the best quality of dishes. All of their foods are fresh made daily. There is no MSG and no artificial ingredients.

The waiter mentioned there most popular dish is the #2.) Mrs. A. Hanoi Pho. It is a pho done the Northern Vietnamese way. It consists of medium rare Angus beef in traditional Hanoi beef broth.


I found this pho to be very interesting because unlike pho served at other restaurants, there were no bean sprouts served with it. According to the server, this is how pho is commonly served in Vietnam. I love how they didn’t go with the mainstream way of doing pho! Their version of pho is great! The noodles were fresh. The Angus beef was of good quality and lean. The broth tasty.

The second dish that I got to try here was  the #3. Mrs. A. Cube Steak. This dish consisted of Angus Beef Cube served with rice and vegetables.


I liked this dish a lot! The Angus beef similar to the meat in the pho was of the best quality. It was tender and lean. It was well seasoned and I loved the sauce that it was marinated in. There was a sweet sauce that was on the side for dipping but the beef was perfect without it. The side vegetables was similar to a cole slaw.

The pho and beef dish are awesome but I have to say one of my favorite offerings was their black iced tea. This black iced tea is amazing! It tastes like Thai tea but without condensed milk. It’s perfectly sweet and refreshing. I’ve never had tea like this and this definitely has to be one of the best iced teas I’ve ever had.


Mrs. A. Hanoi Pho is a wonderful addition to the South Bay.  It’s great that they decided to go with introducing Northern Vietnamese cuisine. Their offerings from the food to the drinks are different and delightful and sure to bring smiles to all who visit.

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Hello and Happy 78th Birthday Krispy Kreme!

Hello and Happy 78th Birthday Krispy Kreme!

Just recently Krispy Kreme celebrated their 78th birthday and they had a giant gift for everyone by offering buying any dozen of their donuts and getting a second dozen of their orignal glazed donuts for 78 cents.


Their warm glazed donuts is a classic favorite but through the years I’ve also become a fan of some of their other flavors! The glazed with Kreme filling is a delicious sweet treat as well their New York Cheesecake donut! Now just in time fo their 78th birthday, Krispy Kreme has more new treats for us all!

For a limited time, the Brownie Batter Donut is being offered. It has milk chocolate icing  and mini chocolate chips on top. Inside is a rich brownie batter filling. It is a must for any chocolate lover.


What is a birthday without cake? Krispy Kreme made sure they have cake for their birthday via their Birthday Cake Batter donut! This donut is so cute and festive looking! It has yellow icing and colorful, bright sprinkles on the top! It is filled with a blend of Kreme and birthday cake batter! This one is my favorite out of all their offerings!

I love their new offerings and can’t wait to see what else Krispy Kreme has to offer! Here’s to another 78 years and more Krispy Kreme! Happy birthday!

Hello Sanrio at Comic Con 2015!

Every time Hello Kitty and Sanrio makes an appearance at Comic Con International, it is truly something special. Who can forget San Diego Comic Con 2012, with Hello Kitty Chun-Li? In 2013, there was the very pretty in pink debut of Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland! Last year, in conjunction with Hello Kitty’s 40th, Sanrio and Hello Kitty had offerings for fans both inside and outside the convention center! This 2015, once again Sanrio has something exciting and fun to offer!

Last year it was Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary and this year it is the 40th anniversary of two of my other favorite Sanrio characters, Little Twin Stars and My Melody!

photo credit: Sanrio

photo credit: Sanrio

To celebrate these two very special occasions, Sanrio will have something honoring them at Comic-Con! There will be a booth on the San Diego Convention Center floor and Little Twin Stars and My Melody designers from Japan will be there! The designers will be present to draw the characters and sign art boards for a limited number of fans each day of the convention. I’ve had art boards drawn by these designers in the past and I can tell you that they are truly wonderful! It is such an amazing piece of personalized art and something that can truly be treasured forever!

Aside from the art boards, fans will also have the chance to get limited edition My Melody vinyl figure and Little Twin Stars vinyl figure sets. These collectables are exclusive to Comic-Con.

photo credit: Sanrio

photo credit: Sanrio

The cuteness does not end there however, Hello Kitty fans can also find Hello Kitty Comic-Con exclusives and limited edition product at various booths!

The wonderful book, Hello Kitty, Hello 40 story & art anthology will be offered for purchased at booth 2813. If you’d like a copy, you must get it here because this is the last opportunity for fans to their hands on it!

Do you remember the Chogokin Hello Kitty die-cast robot? Once again, the action figure is back and this time in a new red color way! You can get that as well as a reissue of Chogokin Hello Kitty in the blue colorway that sold out last year (available with new packaging) at Bluefin-Tamashii Nations’ booth #3545.

Upper Deck dog tags will also be available at their booth #307. The cards will have Hello Kitty in five fun Comic-Con themed careers: Background Actor-Zombie, Comic Book Artist, Toy Designer, Panel Moderator, and Cosplayer. Each dog tag will have an exclusive black ball chain, a matching oversized trading card, and a figure pack. How kawaii is that?

Tokidoki at booth #5145 will have exclusive “Kittypatra,” “Kitty Gang” and “Kaiju Kitty” fashion wear as well as fan favorite tokidoki x Hello Kitty “Frenzies.”

Lastly at Mightyfine booth #1322, they will have a Little Twin Stars t-shirt and a My Melody t-shirt. Outside of the convention, there will be even more hello kitty smiles because My Melody and Little Twin Stars’ street teams will in the San Diego are giving out themed freebies.

Hello kitty foodies rejoice because the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck will be at the Comic-Con Interactive Zone at Petco Park.

photo credit: Sanrio

photo credit: Sanrio

Aside from the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck’s ever so popular offerings like Hello Kitty donuts and Hello Kitty bow water bottles, a little kitty whispered to me that they will be offering something cute and new (shhhhh…it’s new designs on their Hello Kitty macarons!!)

photo credit: Sanrio

photo credit: Sanrio

Comic Con is in San Diego this July 9-12! The special celebration of 40th Anniversaries for My Melody and Little Twin Stars at Comic Con are sure to bring smiles to every one! The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck will once again be sure to make our tummies and hearts full! There’s hello kitty (and friends) happiness everywhere!

Hello Baked Turon!

Happy Fourth of July Hello Kitty Foodies!


Fourth of July… a time with family and friends filled with fireworks, smiles and good food! There are celebrations all across the USA and I’m sure many will be at parties partaking in some good eats and happy times. For this blog post, I share one of my favorite Filipino desserts and one that will be present at the Fourth of July party I will be at.


Ingredients: butter, powdered or brown sugar, phyllo dough, jackfruit, banana

Turon or banana egg rolls is a favorite of mine. Typically made with lumpia or egg roll wrappers, this recipe I share has a twist because instead of egg roll wrappers, phyllo dough is used! I fell in love with the phyllo dough when I went to a dinner at a friend’s house and she made a baked chicken casserole with phyllo sheet wrapping. When I recently watched an episode of Adobo Nation on TFC and saw the use phyllo dough for turon, I was intrigued and knew it was something that had to be tried.

Phyllo dough can be found at the frozen section of your favorite grocery store and usually come in sheets of twenty. They are to be kept frozen until ready for use and you need to follow the instructions on the box on how to thaw. While thawing, the ingredients for the turon can be prepared.

Cut the jackfruit into little pieces and cut the bananas in half-length wise about 3 inches in length.

Once the phyllo dough is thawed, brush with butter, place jackfruit, bananas and sugar inside and roll.

Brush the phyllo dough again with butter and then place in oven for oven,

Bake for 375 degrees for 30 minutes.

Roll the turon until they are golden brown and bake for another 10 minutes.

Last but not least is the syrup topping for the top of the turon. The syrup is made with brown sugar and water.

Place 1 cup of sugar and 3/4 cup of water in a saucepan and stir the mixture.

Put the saucepan on medium low heat.

Let the mixture simmer, stir and cook for 30 minutes. You will know it is ready when it becomes caramel colored and is thick and bubbly.

Drizzle this sauce all over the turon.

The result is some delicious turon! The phyllo dough sheets are long, so you can cut the baked turon in half to have smaller banana egg rolls.

One of my favorites about the above is the turon is baked and not fried! It’s a healthier version! Yay!