Hello to one last meal @ Vince’s!

Back in April, I wrote a story for South Bay Foodies about Vince’s in Torrance closing their doors after four decades.


When I first heard the news, I could not help be a bit sad. I have very fond memories of going to Vince’s with my family. It was always a treat to dine here when I was younger and it was a restaurant that I always looked forward to going to. It was slated to close last April but luckily they extended their stay for a bit longer. Alas’ however the time for them to close was still lingering around the corner. Sadly, today was that day. Today was the day for one last meal at Vince’s. In this blog post, I look back at the delicious food that were favorites for many that dined at Vince’s.


A good meal at Vince’s always started with their homemade vegetable beef soup. The soup was so heartwarming with the warm broth, tender little chunks of beef, crispy celery and carrots.


Alongside with the soup, was Vince’s salad with choice of dressing.


After, soup and salad, customers would get serve Vince’s bread. Restaurant go-ers had the choice of either garlic and cheese bread. The bread here always came out so fresh, hot and tasty. The garlic had the distinct garlic flavor at first bite. The cheese bread had a nice, sharp cheddar taste. Soft middle, crispy on the outside, it was a perfect match for their pastas!


For the pastas, Vince’s offered all the classic Italian favorites of spaghetti, ravioli and lasagna. Their pasta dishes came with choice of meat sauce or sicilian style sauce.

The ravioli are soft ravioli squares filled with cheese. They were little squares big in taste.


The lasagna dish was my personal favorite. From childhood until now, it for me tops the list of the best lasagna I’ve ever had. The layers of soft pasta with cheese and meat in between and topped with the hearty sicilian style / meat sauce was always so fulfilling and heavenly.


For those looking for a triple treat, Vince’s offered “Misto de Tre” with spaghetti, lasagna and ravioli. It was all of their classics in one dish. It was a big treat to be shared!


Last but not least was the dessert at Vince’s! Among their desserts were gelato truffles, cheesecake, cannoli and spumoni. The spumoni at Vince’s was a must treat. The cherry, pistachio and chocolate flavored ice cream filled with cherry fruits was creamy, sweet and a perfect way to end a delicious meal.

This weekend I went back to Vince’s and had my favorite Vince’s food of vegetable soup, lasagna and spumoni one last time. I could not help be a bit nostalgic during this meal and remember fond memories of times spent with family at Vince’s. Even writing this post now, I am somewhat sad knowing their will be no place serving Italian food in the South Bay quite the same.

Thank you to Vince’s for the delicious food that we got to eat through the years, the happy dining out with friends and family and for being a favorite place in the South Bay. When the lights at Vince’s go out tonight for one last time, a little piece of our foodie hearts will go with it.


Hello birthday celebration @ Addi’s Tandoor!

A couple months ago, thanks to my good friend and coworker, my mom and I got to try Addi’s Tandoor, an amazing Indian restaurant in Redondo Beach. I loved it so much that I shared my experience on South Bay Foodies, the food and travel website that I write for. I also made a note that that I wanted to share this place with my friends in the future.

Fast forward to September and my birthday. Thanks again to my good friend and coworker, I was able to once again have one amazing dining experience at Addi’s Tandoor via a birthday dinner there with my friends.

From my first trip here, I was already impressed with the overall simple yet elegant decor of the restaurant. During my birthday event, the place did not disappoint with it’s lovely atmosphere. Nicely set up tables, clean white table clothes and pretty white and gold polka dot candles made for such a beautiful setting for a birthday dinner.

The night’s fabulous foodie festivities started with appetizers. We were served fried papadum. They’re thin, circular lentil wafers that were served with two dips, one cilantro based and one jalapeno based. Roasted and crispy, they made for a perfect, light little starter. The dips each had a spicy, fiery kick.


Along side with our appetizers, we were served our drinks. Many chose to get the mango lassi. It’s a sweet, refreshing and fruity beverage.

Up next for us was a great salad that turned into a crowd favorite of the night. We were served the chicken tikka salad. It’s a colorful salad filled with mixed organic greens, tomatoes, carrots and chicken tikka. The dressing was a very flavorful mango and garlic based dressing. As a big fan of mango, I loved the slightly sweet and light dressing. I also liked the tender white chicken meat on top of the salad.


Our next dish was the mixed tandoori platter. It’s a great platter that showcases the restaurant’s Tandoori specialities. In this platter was tandoori shrimp marinated in garlic and spices, tandoori chicken pieces marinated with fresh garlic ginger, yogurt and mild slices, chicken tikka marinated in yogurt, garlic and mild spices and lamb sheek kabab marinated with spices, fresh herbs, onions and cilantro.


After the appetizer, salad and tandoori platter, the entrees came next. The chicken tikka masala was the first dish. With it’s tender chicken and flavorful tomato and ginger sauce, it was another favorite for many that night.


The next dish, saag paneer has been my favorite ever since my first trip at Addi’s Tandoori. The creamy spinach base and the soft, homemade cottage cheese cubes always makes for such a melt in your mouth, velvety smooth delicious dish.


Our third entree was the beef khorma. It was my first time trying this beef dish that was in a cashew nut sauce. There were chunks of beef in a tasty curry base.


All of the entrees went perfect with the well seasoned basmati rice pilaf. The rice paired with the entrees made for very hearty and tasty combos.


We also had baskets full of nan, garlic nan and paratha. All of the bread was came out fresh and hot. The garlic nan was so aromatic and pleasing.


From the appetizers to the salad and to the entrees, it was such a flavorful feast full of tasty treats!


Last but not least, a little surprise came out at the end when I got a served a beautiful birthday carrot pudding. Unique tasting and so soft, it was a perfect way to end the delicious dinner.

I was so happy to celebrate my birthday here. Everything came together for such a beautiful celebration filled with smiles and memories to last for a lifetime.



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Hello Thai Original BBQ!

In all my various blogging adventures, the most special ones to me are the ones I get to share with my family and friends. Today was one of those special times as I got to celebrate a very special occasion, my mom’s birthday.

We actually had different plans for the day but we accidentally found ourselves at a place I’ve had on my bookmarks for awhile, Thai Original BBQ.


It’s a sister restaurant of one our favorite restaurants in Redondo Beach, Thai Thani. My mom and I are both fans of Thai food and we were excited to try this place out.

Since it was my mom’s birthday, we had to order noodles. It’s an Asian tradition to order noodles during ones birthday because long noodles are symbolic of long life.

My mom’s favorite type of noodles is glass noodles and so we chose to get Thai Original BBQ’s Glass noodles dish. It had chicken and noodles scrambled with eggs, tomatoes, carrots and green onion. The noodles were long, soft and delicious. It’s a very flavorful dish because of the good mix of veggies and egg


The other dish we tried was the Chicken ruby dinner. It’s dish with deep fried whole baby hen stuffed with a combination if shrimp and pork. On the side is shrimp fried rice and a homemade sauce for dipping. The stuffed baby hen is amazing. It’s deep fried to a perfectly golden color and crisp. The inside is a finely ground pork filling that is comparable to a meatball. Fresh and crispy, this was a great chicken dish.


It was a really nice birthday dining experience for my mom and I really enjoyed sharing another foodie blog adventure with her. It’s always a good, smiley day when I see my mom smile.

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Hello Ko-Ryu Ramen!

It’s almost time for the “ber” months and what perfect way to prepare for those “brrrrr” err “ber” days than to find the places offering heartwarming ramen. One place offering such soup perfect for the upcoming cold days is Ko-Ryu in Torrance. It is a nice, cozy little Japanese ramen resto that offers a creative take on the classic Japanese soup.

I came here on a relatively semi-chilly Friday night. After quickly scanning the menu, a soup called the “Garlic bomb” caught my eye. I’m often a fan of flavorful garlic dishes and was intrigued with it’s name. After first sip, I can definitely say that this soup lives up to it’s name. It’s not for the garlic faint hearted. It has both deep fried and fresh chopped garlic. There’s also lots of soft, long noodles, bamboo shoot, green onions and chashu pork slices. I got extra toppings of egg and corn as weLL. It’s a garlic power packed, flavorful ramen.


Aside from the “Garlic bomb” ramen, I also had the chance to try their Torikara. It is an interesting take on traditional Japanese karaage. The deep fried boneless chicken came marinated with sweet and sour sauce. The torikara was a good side and match to the soups.


To end the night, our server treated us to some complimentary mango pudding. It was my first time ever to have a mango pudding like this. It’s was chilled and in liquid form. It’s a sweet and interesting take on pudding. I’m a big fan of mango and was pleased with this unique dessert. It was a perfectly cool way to end the night.


Ko-Ryu is a good spot for some different and tasty food. Deliciously different ramen, unique take on karaage and free dessert, this place will be great for those upcoming “brr” days!

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Hello OC Fair 2014!

Two years ago I attended my very first OC Fair. Since it was my first time there, I found fair food so interesting. Deep fried what? Chocolate covered what? It was all so fascinating for a first time fair go-er like me. During that trip I found myself having a Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich. It was fair food to the finest! Unique, fun and something I would only try once!

This year I found myself at the OC Fair once again but instead of going for the funky fair dishes like deep fried Doritos or chocolate covered bacon, I stuck to more traditional (and normal) fair food. This year’s chosen dish
was the “Fair special.” It is a plate filled with chicken tenders, onion rings and fried zucchini! Everything was perfectly fried to be golden brown and crispy. The zucchini curls with it’s somewhat sweet batter and juicy interior were the best, especially when dipped with the accompanying creamy ranch sauce. The plate was packed and perfect for sharing with friends!


When it came to dessert, I opted out of my original choice of a deep fried red velvet cake (I had to skip out because I already had too much deep fried stuff via the “Fair special.”) and instead stuck with a peach milkshake! It’s peach season and this was the perfect peach drink. It was a hot day and this milkshake was refreshing and cool! It even had chunks of peach slices inside.


Though I didn’t have any of the “interesting” food at this year’s fair, I still enjoyed my food and dessert choices. I also had a lot of overall! It was a fun day filled with food, games, friends, shows and even some Hello Kitty! :)


Hello Fluffy Omelette!

I was recently watching a show on The Filipino Channel called Kris TV. In the episode that I was watching, the host Kris Aquino and her guests visted the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was fascinated with the part of the episode where the chef demonstrated how to make what he called a “fluffy omelette.” The video above is the attempt in my kitchen this morning of making the “fluffy omelette.” This blog post is dedicated to the fun and creative way of making of a fluffy omelette.

Similar to the start of making any kind of omelette, the first step here is to crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk the egg mixture in the bowl. However instead of simply pouring the egg mixture into a frying pan, the chef from Le Cordon Bleu had a different technique. He used a strainer to pour the egg mixture through and lower it into the pot. I tried this technique this morning.

The moment the egg was poured through the strainer and hit the pot, it automatically puffed. I liked how it formed and shaped like a fluffy cloud.


I really liked the end result. It was a nice, light, fluffy and soft omelette with some crispy outer edges like tempura.


It was perfectly puffy and oh so fluffy. Who knew that a simple techinique of running the egg through a strainer versus just pouring it into a pan and frying would make a difference. Fluffy omelette made my morning and put a smile on my face . :)


Hello 8th Annual White Light, White Night Event!

Last year, I was very blessed to cover the 7th Annual White Light, White Night Event for South Bay Foodies. It was one of the very first events I ever had to cover as a media guest and one that was truly special. When I got asked to once again attend this year as a media guest for South Bay Foodies, I did not hesitate at all.


White Night, White Light is a very special evening. Proceeds from the event benefit Walk with Sally’s mission to help out many families impacted by cancer. It is a memorable night filled with lots of love and light, with party go-ers all dressed in white.

Part of this event is the “Taste of Los Angeles.” Several of the South Bay’s finest restaurants are present to give guests a taste of their most delicious entrees. On this particular night, there seemed to be something for everyone.

Ayara Thai was present offering chicken wings and Yum Pla, Thai snapper salad. The chicken wings had a fiery kick bringing some spice to this hot evening. The Thai snapper salad had Yum dressing, tender Thai snapper on top of Chinese celery and a edible marigold.


Coni’s Seafood brought some seafood delights to seafood lovers via their borrachos/drunken shrimp and tostaditos with smoked marlin pate, shrimp, octopus and seasnail ceviche.


Doma Kitchen offered breakfast and lunch treats aka brunch for dinner via their kale salad and Belgian waffles. The belgian waffles were a deliciously sweet treat for the evening.


The Rockefeller served up some savory and deliciously cheesey truffle mac and cheese. It’s mac and cheese for adults ;)


Hudson House gave out chocolate chip cookies and bourbon milk. The chocolate chip cookies were so soft and delightful.


Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ brought a savory BBQ chicken salad that was refreshing and light.


Kincaid’s treated folks to their surf and turf sandwich and key lime pie. I first fell in love with Kincaid’s Key Lime pie at last year’s White Light, White Night Event and this year it was once again love at first bite and an instant key lime crush.



Four Daughter’s Kitchen offered fresh pita and creamy hummus.


Salt Creek Grille treated us all with butterscotch custard with salted caramel was divine.


Last but not least was Torrance Bakery who once again gave meaning to the word wow. Their spread at the White Light, White Night Event never ceases to amaze me. Cakes, cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries…they had it all!



It was once again another unforgettable night and I am so happy I got to be a part of this sold out event! Not only did I get to try so much wonderful cuisine (a food blogger’s dream), I got to once again be part of something special. Beyond the food and the concert (there was a concert held at the end of the evening by 80’s phenomenon Berlin), there was a truly special meaning behind this night. It was a night of hope, a night to help out kids who have faced the hurt of losing a loved one to cancer. I am thankful to have been able to be a part of an evening that aimed to bring smiles to others.

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