Hello Starbucks Friday Bliss!

I was so excited when I walked into my local Starbucks and saw a new secret menu posted up!

On the secret menu were the yummy flavors of butter pecan, frozen hot chocolate, pistachio, smores and banana split!


I could not resist and had to try one of the secret menu drinks! I chose to get the pistachio flavor! It is green tea latte with hazelnut and toffee nut substitutes!

This drink is amazing! It is so aromatic pleasing! The sweet pistachio smell is instant! It looks awesome too with the perfect pistachio like green color. The taste is best of the all because it really does taste like pistachio. It’s got that nutty flavor down.


The pistachio drink definitely made my morning but I got another pleasant treat with a free breakfast sandwich! I got the vegetable and fontina go breakfast sandwich! It’s a delightful vegetarian sandwich. It has spinach, sundries tomatoes, caramelized onions and Fontiago cheese on a multigrain ciabatta bun.


Hello Kitty Foodie had plenty to smile about today! Happy Friday!


Hello Veggie Grill VG Virgin Day and Old and New VG Favorites!

Today Veggie Grill had their VG Virgin day! They have this day every year. On VG Virgin day, when you bring a friend in who has never tried Veggie Grill before, they will give that person a free entree when you purchase yours. I came today with a friend and we got to both try some old and new favorites!

I got my old forever favorite, the Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’ with sweetheart fries. This has been my favorite sandwich and side ever since my very first trip to Veggie Grill years ago. The fried chickin’ sandwich topped with avocado and spicy mayo is delicious and tastes like real chickin. The sweetheart fries with the chipotle ranch is a perfect match for this sandwich.


My friend got the “Pick a pair” entree and chose to get the tortilla soup and a Thai Chickin’ salad. The Thai Chickin’ salad is another favorite of mine with grilled chickin’, quinoa, romaine, cabbage, corn salsa, green onion, mandarin oranges, sesame seeds, cilantro, wonton strips and spicy Thai dressing. I liked her tortilla soup. It has a thick and flavorful soup base and the crispy tortilla strips give a nice touch.


One of their newest sides is the crispy cauliflower and I’ve wanted to try this for awhile. I got a very pleasant surprise when the kind cashier gave me a free crispy cauliflower side! It’s sweet and spicy, orange glazed florets in panko breading. It’s served hot and fresh and is perfectly crispy! I think this just maybe a new favorite. ;)


Both my friend and I enjoyed our Veggie Grill dinner tonight. It was her first time to try Veggie Grill and though it wasn’t my first time, I got to discover some new delicious treats that may become future favorites! Yay for tortilla soup and crispy cauliflower.


Thanks for the smiles tonight, Veggie Grill :)

Hello Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Haul!

It’s no secret that I have a pumpkin crush. I don’t know how exactly when or how this pumpkin love started but every time the month of October rolls around, I get all excited with the the thoughts of pumpkin-licious treats.

I leave it to your imagination about how giddy I was when I spotted the “pumpkin mania” sign that was at the front of my local Trader Joe’s.


I only get this kinda happiness at one other place and that’s the Sanrio Store. (Yes, that’s how much I love pumpkin goodies. I love it almost at the same level as hello kitty!) Shocking, I know.


The hardest thing for me that day was picking what pumpkin treats I wanted. It took some discipline to not buy every pumpkin treat there was! Organic pumpkin toaster pastries! Pumpkin soup! Pumpkin biscotti! Pumpkin croutons! Ahh I am all pumpkin-in love! It was hard to choose. At the end of the trip however, I came out with a pretty nice selection of various pumpkin treats (I didn’t buy everything…*sigh* but still came out with a fair spread!


I chose to get a some pumpkin spice granola for breakfast! It’s a breakfast of pumpkin champions with this treat filled with granola clusters, grain oats, honey, and raisins. It’s a perfect taste of fall flavor with the pumpkin spices and hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger!


To go along with the pumpkin spice granola in the morning, I also bought some pumpkin spice chai. This is Trader Joe’s take on the traditional Indian drink masala chai with a pumpkin twist. It starts off with that mixed spice tea base. The chai tea blend of honey, vanilla and black tea is then mixed with cinnamon, anise, clove, cardamom, ginger and pumpkin pie spices. It’s such a heartwarming drink with the perfect pumpkin spice taste.


I also could not resist getting the iced pumpkin scone cookies! These were too adorable and delicious looking to pass up! They are small scones that look like cookies.They are made with real pumpkin and cinnamon and nut meg spices.


Aside from the scones, I got another sweet pumpkin treat in Pumpkin Joe Joe’s. They are crispy pumpkin cookies with creamy pumpkin creme filling! These truly make my little pumpkin heart flutter with delight.


Last but not least, I could not pass up on pumpkin pie mochi ice cream! This is my pumpkin dream come true. It is all my favorites rolled in on. They’ve got the sweet and soft mochi sticky rice! They’ve got the sweet and delicious pumpkin ice cream! They’ve got the pumpkin pie perfect flavor with the pumpkin pie spices and chunks of graham cookie pieces. This pumpkin treat is my number one!


Every year I am simply full of smiles with the pumpkin treats I’ve found at Trader Joe’s! From the pumpkin macarons I’ve had in the past to the pumpkin tea, I am a fan of it all! This year once again, I am thrilled with my new pumpkin discoveries! This pumpkin love, reels me back in every single time… ;) Pumpkin giddy, yes, I am!

Hello Sloopy’s Beach Cafe!

Hello Kitty Foodie is a Tree Hugger…..๐Ÿ˜‰

One of my favorite lunch spot’s in Manhattan Beach is Sloopy’s Beach Cafe! Close to the beach and offering hearty sandwiches, freshly lemonade and smoothies and delicious desserts, it’s a spot that I found myself to easily like right from the start.


One of the primary reasons I really like Sloopy’s is because of the overall atmosphere. It’s adorable and heartwarming because you get to sit in a patio/garden like setting. There are trees and plants all over. The benches and seats are made out of wood and tree stumps. It’s such a relaxing spot.


Coming to Sloopy’s definitely makes this hello kitty foodie feel one with nature ;) and just leaves me with that warm, fuzzy feeling of wanting to hug someone ;). …so how appropriate would it be that for my recent lunch here I chose to get the “Tree hugger” sandwich.

The “Tree hugger” is vegetarian sandwich with hummus, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, provolone cheese, arugula, sprouts, cucumbers and maple cider. I got it with a side of their homemade cole slaw. I loved the tasty, hearty and healthy sandwich full of fresh ingredients! Hello Kitty a Foodie is a tree hugger (fan) for life ๐Ÿ˜‰


Sloopy’s Beach Cafe is the best spot for a lunch away from the busy, hustle and bustle of everyday life. With it’s charming outdoor ambiance and it’s healthy food, this place just makes this hello kitty foodie smile.

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Sloopy’s. It’s one of my very first Yelp reviews ever way back in 2007 (that’s how long I’ve loved this place! I’ve loved it since my very first days as a Yelper ;) )

Hello See’s Candies Open House!

“Indulge…..life is sweet.”

From their peanut butter patties to their white chocolate apple pie candies to their assorted lollipops, See’s Candies has played a sweet role in many of life’s celebrations.


Today, however was a day for all us to celebrate with See’s Candies Torrance Quantity Discount shop as they held an open house to celebrate their grand re-opening. There were many smiles all around the chocolate shop as folks feasted on various sweet candy samples and cool refreshments. Among the yummy treats were raspberry truffles, peanut brittles and caramel apple candies.


See’s Candies has always been a great place to buy gifts that will make sure to brings smiles to friends and family but tonight, See’s Candies was the one who gave a the gift of smiles to those who attended their open house ๐Ÿ˜Š


Yay to sweet treats and sweet smiles! Indulge….life is indeed sweet! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hello Kitty’s Hungry Hunt for Hello Kitty Foodie!

It’s October and I am excited because this month marks the start of many Hello Kitty 40th anniversary special events! Today, I was so excited to open my email and find out about another special event for Hello Kitty’s 40th! Sanrio along with several of Los Angelesโ€™ popular food spots is doing a Hello Kittyโ€™s Hungry Hunt! From October 24th through November 21st!


During this time several restaurants will have a Hello Kitty food or beverage item that will come with a collectible Hello Kittyโ€™s Hungry Hunt pin featuring Hello Kitty enjoying that food or beverage.

This event is perfect for any Hello Kitty Foodie and I am so excited about all the different restaurants offering Hello Kitty food and drinks!

Restaurants that are a part of Hello Kittyโ€™s Hungry Hunt are :

Lemonade (Downtown L.A) will have a it’s cafeteria specialities with Hello Kitty Lemonade. Collectible pin: Hello Kitty holding a glass of lemonade.

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar (Downtown L.A.): will offer a Hello Kitty bento box with a burger with pink cheese, fries, spicy tuna salad, chilled green tea latte, and strawberry cruller donuts with ice cream. Collectible pin: Hello Kitty holding a burger.

Charm City Cakes West (West Hollywood) will offer a Hello Kitty cupcake. Collectible pin: Hello Kitty holding a slice of cake.

Daikokuya (Sawtelle): will have Hello Kitty Ramen. Collectible pin: Hello Kitty holding a bowl of ramen.

Cafรฉ Dulce (Little Tokyo): will have Hello Kitty sweets, Hello Kitty Donuts. Collectible pin: Hello Kitty holding a donut.

Zip Sushi & Izakaya (Little Tokyo) will offer a special Hello Kitty Sushi item. Collectible pin: Hello Kitty holding sushi.

Seoul Sausage (Sawtelle): will offer a Hello Kitty Sausage. Collectible pin: Hello Kitty holding a sausage.


Dylanโ€™s Candy Bar (The Original Farmerโ€™s Market at The Grove): will have a Hello Kitty Sundae. Collectible pin: Hello Kitty holding a sundae.

Chado Tea Room (Little Tokyo): will offer a Hello Kitty tea and scone. Collectible pin: Hello Kitty holding a cup of tea.

Xlixe Pizzeria (Little Tokyo): will offer Hello Kitty Pizza. Collectible pin: Hello Kitty holding a slice of pizza.

Lollicup Coffee & Tea (Sawtelle): will offer Hello Kitty Boba Drink. Collectible pin: Hello Kitty holding a boba drink.

Hello Kitty’s Hungry Hunt is sure to bring many smiles!

Hello Bear-thday at Black Bear Diner!

Once upon a time, there was a little hello kitty who was celebrating her bear-thday. Although she was a kitty, she had friends and family were nice and sweet like teddy bears and they took her to Black Bear Diner for a
bear-thday brunch!


Upon entry, kitty was instantly presented with the “Black Bear Gazette.”

“Aww, so sweet like honey” thought the little kitty as took a look around the diner.


There were bears everywhere! From the decor to the items on the table!


Kitty looked down and saw bear paws on the napkin! A loud “gasp” came out from kitty’s mouth! She thought she was turning into a bear ;) and her footprint was on the napkins. It turned out the napkins were all part of the bear-y cute theme.


Soon after some bear-y delicious entrees were presented to kitty and friends!

First up were the sweet cream pancakes! This plate had two sweet cream pancakes topped with powered sugar, two eggs and two sausage links! The sweet cream pancakes were very different from any other pancakes, kitty had ever had! They were so fluffy in texture and so sweet in taste. Kitty learned that the pancakes are made out of a buttermilk and sweet cream batter.


Similar to the sweet cream pancakes, was the sweet cream waffle made out of the same buttermilk and sweet cream batter! Kitty was a fan of this waffle! It was a lot like a Belgian waffle!

After the pancakes and waffles, came the hearty breakfast entrees!

The first hearty entree was the chicken apple sausage scramble! It was made with egg whites and had jack cheese, spinach, sauteed mushroom, avocado and chicken apple sausage! Kitty though this was an amazing scramble! Their were chunks of the chicken apple sausage that had a little bit of sweetness! There were also plenty of veggies!

The next entree was the corned beef hash! Kitty was impressed because this was made fresh to order! The corned beef hash came from a slow cooked brisket and griddle fried with potatoes! Real deal hearty meat and not the fake stuff from a can! It was the perfect match for the country red potatoes on the side


Both entrees were so beary beary big that kitty and friends had pancakes to take home!


They needed to drink lots of water!


They were all so bear-y full and oh so bear-y happy especially the bear-thday kitty!


Bear-thday kitty left with a bear-y huge smile and a heart full of happiness! Black Bear Diner cave is definitely where the heart is for this kitty!


For more bear-y smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Black Bear Diner.